Customer Experience Guide for Pro's

What is CX?

CX is the way customers think and feel about a company throughout the duration of their relationship, and these perceptions are shaped each time a customer interacts with a brand.

As our CEO here at Chattermill explains it, “CX is the mix of utility and emotional value a company brings to its customers.”

CX stands for “customer experience” and defines the relationship between a company and its customers over a duration of time. It’s important to understand that CX is not comprised of one simple number or calculation. Rather, it’s an amalgamation of a variety of factors and interaction points.

Customer Experience is...

Customer Experience is the mix of Utility and Emotional value a company brings to its customers.

Why is CX important?

CX matters because it determines whether your business is successful or not. It’s as plain and simple as that. Successful companies run on happy customers, so providing a good customer experience should be a central strategy.

A few examples of what building a good CX will help you achieve are the following:

  • Improving customer touchpoints: By gathering feedback and listening to your customers about what isn’t working, you’ll be able to pinpoint touchpoints that need improvement and work to reduce friction and stress for both your customers and your team internally.
  • Building brand advocacy: Customers will notice your efforts to improve and will appreciate the ease of use and transparency you provide, leading them to become brand advocates and recommend your company to others.
  • Reducing customer churn: Perhaps most importantly, focusing on improving your CX will keep your customers happy, which means you’ll avoid losing them to the competition and will be able to rely on the loyalty of existing customers to continue to spend.

What is this guide?

Success in any kind of business, anywhere in the world, begins with serving and delivering value to the customer on a consistent and growing basis.

This can be trained and improved. All it takes is making sure that you are accessing only the best, most up to date information, and putting all that knowledge into practice. We have designed this guide with that goal in mind.

This is the ultimate guide to make sure that you master CX and have a repeatable framework that you can apply today to deliver on your promises to your customers. After all, that’s the only thing that matters.

Who is this guide for?

CX should be a priority in any role, at any level, at any company.

Whether you are a customer experience expert, an operations problem-solver, a creative marketer, or a strategic product manager, this guide will take you through everything you need to know about CX so you can introduce and scale a culture of customer-centricity throughout your team and organisation at large.

Why did we create this guide?

We put this guide together because want to help you develop and embrace your own CX philosophy, and help you apply customer-centric thinking in every decision you make at your company. We believe that serving customers well is the ultimate driver of business success. What people and businesses are lacking is not the drive to serve their customers well, but the specific tools and processes to make sure everyone is aligned in putting the customer at the helm.

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