Five Guys Chooses Chattermill to Help Deliver Industry-leading Customer Experiences Across Europe

April 28, 2023
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Chattermill, the world’s leading Customer Feedback Analytics platform, today announced that Five Guys have chosen to partner with the company to help them deliver industry-leading experiences for customers across UK, France, Germany and Spain to increase customer loyalty and retention. 

“At Five Guys, customer feedback and subsequent actionable data are vital for the team,” said Paul Hamilton, Brand & Customer Director at Five Guys. 
“To continue delivering exceptional experiences for our customers, we need insights that inspire action at a store-by-store level. To accomplish this, we needed a single source of customer truth.
Chattermill enables this by unifying our CX data, analysing it at scale using deep learning AI, and delivering insights that help us understand the Five Guys customer experience at a granular level. 
With Chattermill, each of our customer service and operations teams now have the insights they need to improve CX day to day, week to week, country to country and store to store.” 

“Five Guys is exactly the kind of customer-focused company we love to partner with,” said Mikhail Dubov, co-founder and CEO of Chattermill. 

“We’re honoured they chose Chattermill, and I’m incredibly excited that they’re going to leverage our AI to unlock insights that will help them deliver more customer-focused experiences, drive greater customer retention, and make a true impact on their business's bottom line. 
In today’s economy, having these insights on hand is for most businesses essential to success – not only in the short-term, but in the mid-to-long-term as well.” 

About Chattermill

Chattermill, the leading Customer Feedback Analytics platform, helps businesses unlock their customer reality. Using Chattermill, businesses can unify their customer feedback data across reviews, support tickets, conversations, and social media to uncover what customers want, need, and expect from their business.

Chattermill unifies Customer Feedback, Customer Support, and Product Feedback into a single platform and uses deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse customer feedback data at scale. The world’s leading brands, including Amazon, Zappos, and Uber, use Chattermill every day to uncover insights that enable them to deliver industry-leading customer experiences that drive growth for their business.

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