Conversation Analytics

Unlock customer conversations

Get to the bottom of every customer conversation for an in-depth view of your customer service performance. Track key results, agent performance, and emerging issues in real time from the perspective of the customer.

Solve issues at the root source, automate standardised actions and effortlessly scale your CX.

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<span class="underline">Unlock</span>


Uncover more granular customer pain points, find what’s driving contact and how is CX performing relative to troublesome customer pain points.


<span class="underline">Analyse</span>


Use cutting edge AI to automatically surface insights buried deep within long form text based conversations.


<span class="underline">Scale</span>


Effortlessly improve customer resolution quality, agent performance and customer satisfaction with automated standardised actions.


Uncover novel and granular insights

Unify your conversations from every channel into a single view to discover the ‘unknown unknowns’, track emerging trends and understand drivers of customer support experiences. Turn customer support into your loyalty machine

Quickly increase resolution quality and speed

Find and remove bottlenecks, reduce contact volumes and drive CSAT with speed and low effort interactions. Manage and grow core KPI’s including response times and resolution quality with our flexible, easy to use dashboard.

Fully sync your team

See real-time trends on what your customers are asking and proactively adapt to emerging issues. Track your teams performance with ease and disseminate best practices quickly to keep your team on the same page.


<span class="underline">Zendesk</span>


Push your Support and Chat data through to Chattermill to overlay your customers feedback with theme and sentiment analytics using our easy to set up integration.

<span class="underline">Intercom</span>


Conversation analysis automation for Intercom messages.

<span class="underline">Sunshine Conversations</span>

Sunshine Conversations

Conversation analysis automation for Sunshine messages.


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