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A well thought out customer experience strategy includes all team members. Find out how to overcome the five main challenges in CX today.

What is Customer Experience Strategy?

True customer experience (CX) strategy keeps companies relevant, competitive, and growing. Customer experience strategies translate customer data into actionable insights and understand the monetary value of CX. It’s an integral part of a modern company's success and today’s customers expect all businesses to provide the same calibre of experience as industry leaders. CX strategy transcends across multiple departments and touches on numerous disciplines from analytics, research, support, and product.

Customer Experience Challenges

It’s not controversial to acknowledge that CX still has a long way to go. There are a lot of challenges that the field continues to face as companies learn how important it is to understand what their customers are thinking and feeling holistically.

Despite it being an essential component to success, CX as a disciple has not improved much. Forrester used surveys to understand the progression (or lack thereof) of CX, discovering that:

  • 45% of CX professionals cite a lack of collaboration as their biggest obstacle to transforming customer experience within their organisations.

This number then increased a further 9% the following year illustrating the persistence of this problem in CX.

  • 31% of CX professionals cite a lack of customer-centric culture as their biggest obstacles to spreading CX within their companies.
  • 27% of CX professionals cite a lack of CX strategy/vision as their biggest obstacle.

What is Holding CX Back?

So what causes the challenges described above? Our guest speaker, Faith Adams of Forrester describes 5 key causes:

  • CX as a discipline remains in silos.
  • Companies do not put the customer at the center of their operations.
  • Companies do not know where to begin with their CX strategy.
  • Companies just focus on technology as a solution for customer experience.
  • Companies are afraid of change.

Download our presentation to discover how to overcome 5 main challenges facing CX teams.

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