Coming Soon: Insight Assistant – Powered by Generative AI

July 17, 2023
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Customer experience teams today face impossibly high demands. Feedback analysis tools help to some degree, but finding critical insights is time-consuming, and gleaned insights aren’t always as transformational as we might like. 

If you're familiar with the Chattermill platform, you probably already know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) have always been at the heart of our product – automatically categorizing and tagging customer feedback, filtering out noise, and learning from the voice of the customer. 

Today, we're taking another great leap forward. 

We're introducing Insight Assistant beta - bringing the power of generative AI directly into your Chattermill workspace.

For all organizations looking to save time on data analysis, gain access to transformational insights, and accelerate team productivity, this is a watershed moment. 

Please note: Insight Assistant will be released to a limited number of users while in beta - sign up today and be the first to see our generative AI in action!

What can you do with Insight Assistant? 

Insight Assistant can help you summarize any data point, extract the most significant highlights, and instantly get a list of the most commonly mentioned phrases.

Picture a powerful tool that quickly generates actionable insights. No more sifting through countless comments to grasp what's happening in your customers' world. No more spending hours making sense of the data in front of you. 

With Insight Assistant, it's all done for you in seconds!

Here's what you can look forward to: 

  • Choose any data point, from any type of report or dashboard, and generate instant, AI-powered summarizations
  • Surface what's most important from surveys, support conversations, chat messages, and more
  • Access immediate insights without reading through hundreds of comments
  • Get the complete context of each summary by looking at longer, contextually-rich phrases
  • Add these insights to your dashboards and presentations and share them with your team

Think of Insight Assistant as your trusted companion that makes data analysis easier and faster for everyone. 

It can drastically improve your speed to insights. 

It can help unblock your teams to focus on more important work. 

It can save you time on research and data analysis. 

It’s the future of CX Intelligence.

Your organization’s insight accelerator

Here’s how your teams can use Insight Assistant:

  • CX Teams - instantly summarize customer reviews and NPS or CSAT surveys to get an overview of what your customers say without having to trawl through comments.
  • Product Management - looking for a quick way to prioritize what needs to be fixed? Insight Assistant will summarize any data point and quickly identify critical pain points.
  • Insights & Research  - spend less time digging through reports to find insights - analyze all of your customer data and automatically get a  comprehensive summary that you can share with executive stakeholders.  
  • Customer Support - instead of sifting through hundreds of customer support tickets and conversations, let Insight Assistant identify the most significant issues, and summarize why your customers get in touch.

The future of CX is here

We firmly stand by the idea that knowledge is power. The potential of artificial intelligence has experienced exponential growth and will continue to do so. 

Insight Assistant's power is already substantial. But this is just the beginning of a series of game changing features we'll be introducing in the coming weeks and months. These new capabilities will make it effortless for organizations to instantly generate best-in-class insights. 

Want to see how the Chattermill platform can help you apply AI to your voice of the customer program? Schedule your demo today!

Already a Chattermill customer? Sign up for our Beta and be the first to see Insight Assistant in action.

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