Event Recap - The 2018 Q4 Experience Meetup co-hosted by Chattermill and Usabilla

December 3, 2018
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A recap of the Experience Meetup

Thank you to our attendees and speakers who attended the second edition of the Experience Meet Up co-hosted by Usabilla and Chattermill!

Were you unable to make the event? Don’t worry. We’ve put together our favourite highlights from our recent event.

At the Conference


Crowd Shot


On 21st November a hundred plus UX, Product Managers and CX leaders gathered in London at the WeWork in Provost & East for the largest event co-hosted by Chattermill and Usabilla to date. These one-day events are highly anticipated because they shine a light on the latest in customer-centric tech and best practices employed by cutting-edge companies to better understand their customers.

Key takeaways

Our very own Dave Ascott kicked off the night as moderator introducing the first speaker Mike Stevens, founder of Insight Platforms. Mike set the scene for the evening by discussing the evolution of CX, analytics and the research industry.


Mike Stevens


Mike began sharing his insights on where the CX industry is heading in the next few years. Mike had high expectations for the CX industry and had a great sense of optimism, pointing to how topical the sector is becoming due to the rising volume of customer feedback. He discussed how leading Customer Experience technology companies are empowering businesses to drive customer centricity across teams throughout organisations. Powerfully setting the tone for the rest of the evening by stating:

“For the CX tech ecosystem. We’ve arrived.”

We agree with Mike and the CX tech moment has truly arrived. Businesses now have access to a growing ecosystem of cutting-edge technology and products that you can plug into platforms to provide a holistic view of the customer journey to help bring to life excellent customer experiences.




The next speaker was Jenna Bolger from Bulb the UK’s biggest supplier of renewable energy and one of the fastest growing energy firms in Europe. Bulb has stolen unhappy customers from unloved incumbents with its excellent customer service, low prices and it's commitment to providing a great CX for customers.

Jenna presented to the audience some of the strategies put in place by the UX team at Bulb helping redesign the future of the energy industry. One example mentioned by Jenna was the smart tariff three rates project. Peak, Off-peak, and Overnight tariffs designed to reflect the true cost of energy to their members, encouraging them to avoid electricity use at peak times and instead use it when it’s cheaper and in ready supply.

The customer could use the Bulb app to keep track of their energy use across the day. It encouraged them to avoid using energy at peak times by rewarding them with ‘leaves’ helping some customer to reduce their kWh by 33%. This is just but one example of how Bulb has placed razor-like focus on the customer experience and attempting to blow their customers socks off!




The final presentation was by Diana Walker from EE who is a leading expert on conversion rate optimisation. Diana introduced the audience to the concept of Golden Journeys. To put simply, it represents the most frictionless way for a user to get to A to B.

“A golden journey is the most effective and intuitive digital journey undertaken by a visitor on a given company’s digital estate to reach their intended destination to meet a given need.”  - Diana Walker, EE

However, Diana mentioned it's crucial to use both your left and right side of your brain and put your thinking cap on and use those insights to brainstorm some experiments put together an optimisation backlog. Once a backlog is crafted, you'll need a methodology to prioritise A/B experiments and align them with your product roadmap for maximum long-term impact!

It was a fantastic event, with lots of great speakers and one that will go down as a huge success! We are already planning the next one, make sure to keep in touch to make sure you get your ticket!

Usabilla & Chattermill Solution Partnership

Collecting feedback via Usabilla gives you valuable insights regarding your customer’s journey. We understand that continued feedback may be challenging when it comes to analysis, especially to process data in a way that scales as data volumes grow.

To get the most out of your collected data, Usabilla partners with Chattermill. Chattermill helps you to gain a better understanding of the most important topics your customers talk about using AI to interpret theme and sentiment analysis across unstructured feedback.

With the Usabilla-Chattermill integration, we tailor each area of feedback to how your business runs and ensure that we go into as much detail as is required for your business to effectively gain the insight you need so you can make the right decisions.

If your company is interested in becoming more customer-centric, we would love to get in touch with you. You can also visit our blog to stay up to date with industry topics, company and product updates.

We hope to see you again soon!

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