Introducing Impact Analysis: Helping CX Leaders Make Sense of NPS Score

October 6, 2022
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Many companies are still struggling to fully understand their Net Promoter Score. And in most cases, they’re spending too much time finding actionable insights and figuring out what to do once they have that measurement.

We speak to CX leaders every day, and it’s clear that CX and Product leaders still don't have the answers to questions such as: "Why is our NPS score the way it is?", "Why did our NPS score drop?" and most importantly, "Why do some customers become promoters while others become detractors?"

Not knowing these answers makes it hard to identify where you need to improve. Ultimately, NPS won't provide much value if it cannot be made actionable.

At Chattermill, we've worked with hundreds of CX teams, and the one thing they nearly all have in common is they're still struggling to make sense of their NPS score.

That's why we've created Impact Analysis.

Introducing Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis helps you understand which trends influence your NPS score, discover actionable insights, and make smarter CX decisions.

Our AI identifies critical patterns and emerging trends to help you find key insights with just a few clicks. So now, you can understand which themes are impacting your NPS score, drill down into the underlying issues, and understand what and where you need to improve to deliver better customer experiences.




Impact Analysis makes it easy to review any NPS changes in minutes, so you can spend more time working on the CX insights that actually matter.


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"Impact Analysis provides richer and deeper insights that allow us to understand our customer experience quickly. It helps us spend more time on actionable insights otherwise spent analysing unstructured data."

Steve Crolic, Associate Director Voice of the Customer at HelloFresh

So how does Impact Analysis work?

Our power users use Impact Analysis every day to rapidly discover emerging trends. It’s an everyday ritual you don’t want to miss. This helps them (and you) understand why your NPS score dropped or increased and drill down into specific themes to prioritise what to work on.

From discovering negative trends and incidents that impact your customer retention to new business opportunities which may drive revenue, you’ll be the first to know.

From there, you can then apply filters to understand the differences between customer segments, and analyse sub-themes in greater detail. Want to zoom in on product quality or delivery issues? Now you can cut through the noise, focus on themes that really matter, and never miss even a smallest change.

You can also compare results and measure how your customer feedback changes over time. The result? Understanding the most relevant patterns and insights that significantly influence your customer experience.

"Having the ability to see the variances amongst the top attributes and being able to compare them to a previous period is helpful to see both positive and negative trends. Additional data that strengthens our voice of the customer program."

Doreen Berard, Director, Global Customer Service at MOO

Enable your team by delivering insights they need

What's next? Make sure to share insights with your entire team to empower your organisation by giving direction for change and improvement. You'll be able to answer critical questions right on the spot or present key findings to your executive team.

Now every part of the company can get more visibility into CX, prioritise customer needs, and make better decisions.

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And if you want to go back to basics and learn how to collect and analyse your Net Promoter Score, read our Ultimate Guide to NPS.

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