Announcing Workflows: A New Way to Scale Superior CX

February 25, 2020
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In 2020 we have all the tools at our disposal to be super customer focused, but it’s also harder than ever to maintain focus. The barrage of incoming email, Slack messages, team meetings, and fly-by interruptions can make it challenging to stay on top of what matters most – your customers.

If your company is already tracking customer feedback, then you’ll know it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have a wealth of insightful and specific customer feedback to help you drive customer-focused decisions; on the other, you may be receiving thousands of comments across different channels, amounting to thousands of comments per week or even per day!

If you’re like a lot of B2C companies who pride themselves on their customer focus and CX execution, then you’ll know that even with all the best software solutions and voice-of-customer (VoC) tools, you have a business to run and a life to live – so staying constantly plugged in to your customer feedback dashboards isn’t realistic – you do have to sleep after all.

That’s why we developed Workflows.




Workflows is a new feature from Chattermill that unifies and automates processes based on triggers within your customer feedback data. Workflows provides the complete CX toolkit for every team in your company.

Workflows helps your business scale superior CX

You can easily set up as many Workflows as you like to be alerted as soon as an NPS, Net Sentiment, or a KPI event or threshold is triggered.

You can also share Workflows with members of your team through the share functionality or by setting up the actions to reach a specific group of users by email or Slack channel.

Whatever way you choose, Workflows gives you the peace of mind that you can focus on other parts of your business and feel assured that you and your team will be the first to know when something changes with your customers.




Workflows helps your business uncover the unknown and novel insights you might miss

You can also set up Workflows to track specific keywords or phrases.

Imagine you are concerned with a very particular type of customer experience - perhaps something negative that you want to catch right away. Maybe that's food poisoning, a missed delivery, or a data/privacy breach - whatever it is, with Workflows you can make sure that you and your team are the first ones to know.

Your imagination is really the limit here – you can set up an alert for bugs, tags, changes with segments of customers – you name it, Workflows can probably set up an alert for you. This means you’re sure to be on top of any new insight that surfaces within areas that you’re hyper focused on.


Workflows Illustration04 Novel Insights


It's easy to get started with Workflows. Here’s how:

Navigate to the Workflows tab on the Chattermill menu. To get started setting up your first Workflow, you’ll need to set the trigger for what type of information you want to be alerted about – this can be a new response received from customers, a change in net sentiment or NPS.




Next you’ll set up the conditions under which you want the alert to work. You can choose among a variety of options, including theme, tag, keywords, segments, product name, version, and more.




Lastly, you'll set up the actions that you’d like to happen in the workflow. In the current build, you can choose among email, tag, webhook, or slack. In future releases we will build integrations with Jira, Zendesk, Salesforce, and more.




We love hearing from our users – let us know how you’re using Workflows on your team to scale CX and uncover new insights. And if your company is not yet subscribed to Chattermill, contact us to find out how we can help your business scale CX just like the top CX performing companies who are already Chattermill clients.

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