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These customer-focused companies use Chattermill to gain an edge

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The Chattermill algorithms worked really well with our comments data right out of the gate. On top of that the team is great to work with - very responsive, proactive and sharply focused on helping my team succeed.

Alex Genov

Alex Genov

Head of Customer Insights

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The platform allows us to access the hard reach touchpoints of our customer's journey across multiple channels and focus on the elements that create unique customer experiences that drive our growth. Every team has access to Chattermill's insights to maintain our customer first culture at Bloom and Wild.

Kirsty Macdonald

Kirsty MacDonald

Head of Customer Experience

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Chattermill enables our teams to take customer insights deeper than ever before and focus on the key factors that make a difference to our users and drive our growth. We have more than a hundred people across the business using Chattermill to ensure Transferwise is always at the cutting edge when it comes to customer experience.

Nilan Peiris

Nilan Peiris

VP of Growth

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Case studies


Boosting product NPS over 200% by combining sources of feedback.


Transferwise drives product and service ROI with Chattermill.


Analysing over 1 million customer feedback conversations in 6 different languages per year.

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Bloom & Wild uses a 97% increase in NPS to drive revenue growth.


Cleo built one of it's most popular features to date using Chattermill insights.

Chattermil helps customer focused companies build better products

We'll partner with you on how best to leverage Chattermill as it relates to your customer experience goals. Learn how we'll help you drive customer experience best practices at your organization.


Power your CX with Chattermill

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