Monica Vinader

"With Chattermill, our voice of the customer program becomes the bridge between the daily operations, customer care, product and marketing teams, and the vision of the c-suite"

Monica Vinader
5,000 NPS responses analyzed within Chattermill each month
NPS score above 70
Improved word of mouth with 93% of 5-star Trustpilot reviews


Running a jewellery brand that's beloved worldwide for its simplicity, luxury and conscious creation means putting the customer at the heart of everything. When Monica Vinader turned their customer experience department into an engine for their business strategy, the company required a platform that could quickly clarify and streamline the learnings from their customer feedback.

Introducing Unified Customer Intelligence at Monica Vinader

The first step was to integrate all the sources of customer feedback into Chattermill's Unified Customer Intelligence platform. From NPS and CSAT responses to post-purchase surveys and Trustpilot reviews, the team has a single source of customer truth.

"I wanted to be able to log into one platform daily and check what was happening," says Jade Roberts, Head of Customer Experience. "I have a dashboard to monitor our NPS, net sentiment, negativity and positivity index, and top customer insights. But Chattermill dashboards let us gauge customer feedback across different areas of our business – CX, support, product, eCommerce, and just about anything. We use them in our cross-functional meetings to get an accurate picture of what's happening and drill down into specific themes."

"We had all this data in one place where anyone could see it. Suddenly, even the tiniest issues started becoming focal points for the business. Everyone became obsessed with fixing the smallest details. Because it was so easy to self-serve and find the data, everyone just felt really energized and motivated to take action."

Preventing Customer Churn

Churning customers equal lost revenue—and more work for the team to deliver growth. To tackle the churn problem, the team at Monica Vinader uses Impact Analysis to find out why their NPS dropped or increased, drill down into specific NPS drivers, and find the underlying causes. 

The CX team also scheduled Anomaly Alerts to discover any red flags and incidents and proactively reach out to customers who might be at risk of churn. 

"During the last high-shopping season, all the carriers in the UK struggled with major disruptions and late deliveries. We set up Anomaly Alerts and monitored the sentiment for all the carriers day by day. When customers were frustrated with one carrier, we could switch to another one. And if some packages were lost, we could quickly discover the issue among thousands of comments in Chattermill, proactively reach out to the customer, solve the problem and win them back."

Today, the team prides itself in having a consistent NPS score above 70 and a 4.9 average score at Trustpilot, with over 93% of 5-star reviews out of 12,550 comments.

Jade Roberts
"When we launched Chattermill, it was the first time we had the data to quantify what we previously had as an anecdotal feeling. It shifted the company's mentality as we gained access to an unlimited pool of actionable insights."
Jade Roberts
Head of Customer Experience

Launched in 2008, Monica Vinader is an award-winning British demi-fine luxury jewellery brand. Its popular and affordable products are sold in over 70 countries, and the company employs more than 350 people worldwide. The customer-centric brand is digitally-led with a strong online presence, complemented by 19 international stores, concessions and a partner network.

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