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Transferwise + Chattermill

"Chattermill enables our team to uncover customer insights deeper than ever before and focus on the key factors that make a difference to our users and drive our growth."

Transferwise achieved

Surpassing 3 million users

Surpassing 3 million users

Over £2 billion transferred through the platform

Over £2 billion transferred through the platform

60% of their revenue growth comes from word of mouth

60% of their revenue growth comes from word of mouth


Transferwise operates in the increadibly competitive and highly innovative world of fintech. With over 60% of their revenue growth coming from word of mouth,NPS as an indicator of what their customers are feeling becomes the best predictor of growth going forward.

That's why Transferwise chose Chattermill to help determine the key drivers of customer experience to help them prioritise resource, teams and projects, as well as track the prevelance of their brand in order to relentlessly optimise their growth.

Gaining a competitive edge with powerful theme and sentiment AI analytics

Turning the manual into automatic

By 2015, Transferwise’s growth made it impossible to keep manually interpreting customer feedback. The company needed a better way to analyse huge volumes of comments in multiple languages.

Given that Transferwise operated their money transfer service in over 69 countries, the volume of customer feedback was too great and too diverse to be copied and pasted into Google Translate and analysed manually. Nevertheless, as customer feedback was directly linked to growth, the company needed to fully understand what their customers were saying about their product.

Customers at the heart of every decision

Chattermill text analytics and bespoke AI models enabled Transferwise to analyse feedback in all languages they recieved customer responses in, providing near real-time and granular insights into what their customers were feeling at any point in time.

Transferwise was also able to intergrate with existing tools and systems internally, making it effortless to embrace and scale a data-driven culture focused on their customers throughout the whole company.

By relying on Chattermill, Transferwise was able to better prioritse new features based on what would improve NPS, and focus their efforts on building that which was clearly what customers wanted. Not only did that focus help motivate teams but also helped them more clearly validate and agree on decisions, which is a testament to the company's rocketship-like growth over the past few years.

Proven engine for customer-oriented prioritisation

James Bell

Product Manager

“Chattermill is part of my monthly cadence as a product manager. Our customers have taken the time to leave their feedback and Chattermill makes it very easy to access.”

Transferwise is a fintech pioneer that operates a money transfer service in over 69 countries, allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges. With over 3 millon users, 2 billion pounds transferred and having scaled the team to over 1000 people, Transferwise is one of the most successful and fastest-growing fintech companies in the world.>




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