30 Reasons to Love Chattermill


By Mikhail Dubov

Team Virtual

Chattermill is a unified customer experience analytics platform enabling companies to analyse customer feedback at scale.

Chattermill's mission is to use deep learning and Artificial Intelligence to bring detailed insight about customer trends to every company in a matter of seconds, such that every firm, big or small, can make decisions with their customers in mind.

Happy Season

As we approach the end of the year and the holiday season (bet you can’t wait to watch Home Alone again 😍), we wanted to talk about people.

Our people.

When we started what eventually became Chattermill with my co-founder Dmitry back in 2015, we had a hunch that we could use the newly available tech of deep learning to help companies find insights amidst messy data.

Our vision was to take what agencies and cutting edge brands were doing by hand and automate it. And so we’ve been doing it! Over the past 6 years, we’ve been empowering every decision-maker to get the insight they need, when they need it.

We wouldn’t be able to carry this mission without our people.

After all, great customer experience begins with a great employee experience.

On that note, we asked our team to share what they love most about working at Chattermill, so we could in turn, share it back with you.

Here’s what they had to say...


1/ Chattermill is at the forefront of AI and employs the most cutting-edge machine learning and NLP models used in the industry. 🤖

2/ Our founders have gone through Entrepreneur First, the biggest and most prestigious startup accelerator in Europe. 👨‍💻

3/ For AI engineers, you get to work alongside the amazing Dr. Aji Ghose, who previously served as the Head of Research at Sky.

4/ We work with some of the biggest and most well known brands out there today - HelloFresh, Uber, JustEat, Wise (prev. Transferwise), Trainline, and many more. Odds are, you’ve heard of a couple of them? Maybe?

5/ Our G2 review stands at 4.4 stars and growing. ✨

6/ Chattermill integrates with some of the most innovative tools out there such as SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, Salesforce, and 30 more. 🛠

7/ We have partnered with and work alongside other leaders in the CX and customer service space, such as SurveyMonkey and Dixa. 🤝

8/ We give you free socks 🧦 and a whole box of merch, with backpacks, t-shirts, stationery and more!

9/ Our team come from over 10 countries and speak over 8 different languages.

10/ Bi-weekly demos of projects that members of the team are working on. Ran by employees, for employees! You really get to contribute to building from day 1.

11/ Company-wide Townhall meetings where you get to learn about every single aspect of the business and truly see how your efforts are making an impact. Few companies are this transparent about the company’s health. 🚀

Chattermill is a progressive, forward-thinking company with a strong focus on employee wellbeing. The culture of caring for each other, is for me one of the top reasons to be in Chattermill. Chattermill truly fosters a warm and inclusive culture. - Chandni, VP of Marketing

"Our obsession with experience doesn't stop with our clients and their customers - we are relentless in our mission to deliver the best possible experience for our own. At Chattermill we dream big and are making wonderful achievements, and none of this would be possible without the incredible effort from our talented and ambitious team!" - Callie, People and Talent Manager


12/ We have an office in Second Home, a very futuristic and versatile co-working space, with free yoga, meditation and boxing classes. 🧘‍♀️

13/ Our office has plants all around! 🌿🌻

14/ We have an unwavering pro-pet policy!

15/ We are a hybrid-first, remote-friendly company. We love being with our colleagues at the office twice a week, and love to find the best places for our employees to settle down and work. 💪

16/ We place huge importance on providing our people with great opportunities to develop and progress, such as a £500 (yearly) personal development budget. 🧠

17/ We offer a flexible Health & Wellness benefits budget that can be spent on health insurance, physical and mental health or other needs starting at £50pcm growing £25pcm for each year of service. 💙

18/ You get your birthday off! 🎉

19/ Unexpected days off for everyone in the summer. 🏝

20/ We have regular team socials and workshops. Check out a picture of our team pottery class. 🎨 We can’t wait for the amazing Christmas party! 🎅🏻

21/ Our office is located right beside one of the world’s most desired food destinations - Spitalfields Market. 😋

22/ We are also located right beside Brick Lane, with all the culture and entertainment it has to offer. 🎧

"We have the coolest office in London for sure!" - Katrina, Data Operations

"An office is not to be taken for granted. We spend more time at our offices than we probably do at home. I'm super glad that our offices are probably even more cozy and fun than our homes." - Romy, Account Executive

"We're super remote-friendly, but I can't understand why people don't come to the office more! Please, just take a look on Google - I dare you not fall in love with it." - Emily, Events Marketing Executive


23/ We were ranked the 8th best startup to work for in London by TEMPO in their latest Top 50 Startups to Work for in 2022, citing out amazing fully stocked library, free yoga classes, fantastic progression opportunities and many other perks. 🎁

24/ Chattermill was a finalist for the ‘Hottest B2B/SaaS Startup’ 2021 award, recognised by The Europas and The Pathfounder. 🔥

25/ We were recognised as the 75th highest growing startup in Europe in 2021 by the FT.

26/ Chattermill also ranked the 16th fastest growing business by Deloitte in their UK Technology Fast 50, with a growth rate of over 2,201%, from 2016 to 2019. 📈

27/ Our product was named G2 High Performer in Text Analytics in Winter of 2021.

28/ Chattermill was one of the 30 scaleups selected to join Upscale in 2020, Tech Nation’s flagship programme for the UK’s fastest-growing scaleup tech companies. 🏎

29/ We’ve raised an $8 million Series A with reputable investors DN Capital leading the round.

30/ Angel investors including Matt Price (Senior Vice President at Zendesk), and Nilan Peiris (VP Growth at Transferwise).

"Chattermill has not only a tough, but also very important mission - we want to make every company on the planet more customer-centric. The scale of this challenge drives the energy of our team every day. After all, what's life without adventure and challenges, right?" - Jack, employee #1, Head of Growth and Product Manager

"We have a Day 1 Mentality! This is still just beginning and the recent acquisitions in CX market agrees with us in terms of the scale of the opportunities that we're tackling." - Joao, Growth Marketing

"We're an ambitious bunch - we dream big, don't give up and always find a way." - Lorenzo, Product Director, Support Analytics

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