The 5 Best CX Examples of February 2023

March 7, 2023
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From a sweet refund gesture to converting a store into a snowstorm shelter, we’ve got a range of fresh examples to inspire your CX strategy this month.

Here are the five best examples across February taken straight from our CX Swipe File.

Right, let’s check out the five best CX examples from February 2023.

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Allbirds: A Paw-sitive Experience

Glowing Facebook review of Allbirds' care.

Good excuses don’t usually start with “My dog ate my…”. But for this Allbirds customer, it actually happened. 

The day after their new pair of Allbirds shoes arrived, this customer’s dog decided to take a healthy bite out of the side of them. Thankfully, Allbirds support came to the rescue. 

As part of a quick response from Allbirds support, they told the customer to send them back for a full refund and even paid for the shipping. What’s more, they took the time to make sure there were no hard feelings between the pooch and owner: their email included the line “Please don’t be angry with your puppy.” 

Lick: Pinterest and Painting

Pinterest interactive decorating service.

Making sure you have the right shade of paint isn’t an easy task. With so many variations to choose from, trawling through thousands of colour shades can feel worse than watching paint dry.

D2C paint brand Lick is here to help. They’ve partnered with Pinterest to create an interactive decorating service that makes finding the right colour a walk in the park. Images uploaded to Pinterest now generate personalised pins which correspond to Lick’s paint colours, meaning users can quickly tap and be directed to the correct item.

Given the popularity of interior design images on Pinterest, it’s a match made in heaven between these two brands. 

Teapigs: Mood-o-Meter

Best way to choose a tea you love? The mood-o-meter!

Tea brand Teapigs spoils its customers for choice with its vast range of tea options. With a selection that includes black, green, oolong, decaf, white, rooibos and herbal, there’s an option for everyone.

But not every customer is a tea expert or enthusiast. Each comes with its own benefits, tastes and uses, many of which aren’t apparent from their name.

Teapigs have come up with a neat solution, by including in their menu a ‘Mood-o-Meter’ to help customers overwhelmed by the variety on offer. Choose from ‘sleepy’, ‘grumpy’, ‘adventurous’, ‘bloated’, ‘hungover’, ‘wired’, ‘stressed’ or ‘indulgent’, and pick the tea that’s most appropriate for you.

WyzeCam: 4k Ultra HD Transparency 

Honesty is the best policy!

Every brand runs into issues once in a while. That’s why preventing these is only half the battle – the other being how you respond and inform your customers of them. 

A quick search for home security camera brand Wyze Cam’s customer service on Twitter reveals the level of transparency and honesty on which they operate. 

On three separate occasions – one involving a global shortage of silicon, another time involving a data leak, and an instance involving a delayed delivery of a product to a customer – Wyze Cam proactively informed its customers rather than waiting for them to reach out to complain. 

IKEA: Snowstorms and Sleepovers

Snowstorm shelter in a pinch!

We should all be thankful that our local IKEA isn’t prone to having snowstorms outside its front door. Unfortunately, for one store in Denmark, this happened to be the case.

After 30 centimetres of snow fell, customers weren’t able to travel home, leaving both them and the store’s staff stranded. Thankfully, IKEA just happens to be the one store with a number of ready-made beds inside. 

So when the manager of the store decided to let customers spend the night inside – and treated them all to a cinnamon roll the next morning – you can’t help but praise this as an excellent customer experience. 


We were blown away by these examples of how brands have attuned to their customer’s needs. From small gestures to larger policy changes, it’s clear to see how a brand that cares for their customer can ultimately lead to a higher level of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. 

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