40 Reasons to Love Chattermill

September 29, 2022
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Over the last seven years, Chattermill has grown rapidly from the small team that joined Mikhail and Dmitry when they co-founded the business back in 2015.

Since then, we’ve seen some incredible successes. We’re proud to say we’ve made a real impact – developing software that uses groundbreaking deep learning AI to help companies gain intelligence from complex customer feedback.

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without the people that work here at Chattermill. From employee #1 Jack Miller (who’s still with us), to most recent Chattermillian Evelyn Liu, they’ve all contributed to who we are today.

The secret to our success? Hard-work, ambition, and an inclusive mindset, all of which have contributed to a warm and caring company culture which we’re incredibly proud of.

To celebrate the incredible growth we’ve seen over the past seven years, I asked the ~80 Chattermillians what they loved most about working here.

Here’s what they had to say.

40 Reasons to love Chatttermill

1. We’re on a mission to help create better customer experiences for all 🚀

2. We do this with a product that works at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language modelling 💻

3. This allows our users to gain insights from multiple sources of user feedback, using groundbreaking theme and sentiment analysis 🔍

4. Don’t take our word for it - we were recently named Leaders in Text Analytics in the latest round of G2 reports! 🎉

5. We’re pioneers in establishing an entirely new category - Unified Customer Intelligence 👁️‍🗨️


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6. We’re powering this progress with generous funding, having raised $8 million in our Series A 📈

7. Plus, we’re backed by impressive investors including DN Capital, and angel investors Matt Price (Senior Vice President @ Zendesk) and Nilan Peiris (Chief Product Officer @ Wise)

8. Our founders have also been through Entrepreneur First, Europe’s biggest startup accelerator program ⏫

9. The hard work has paid off - we’ve been ranked #12 in London Daily News’ List of fastest growing companies 🥳

10. And we were included in the 2022 MarTech 50! 🎉

11. We work with some of the most recognised and exciting brand names in the world: including HelloFresh, Uber, Amazon, Zappos and River Island 👋

12. So, by working at Chattermill you’ll be helping improve products and services used by many of your family and friends! 🙏

13. We’ve also been praised and covered by Forbes, Business Insider, TechCrunch and many more…👏


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14. We like putting on events - lots of them! From our CX Teardown to our Women of CX Series, we’re a prominent voice in the CX space. 🗣️

15. We’re a team of 80+, and we’re hiring! (check out our open roles) 📈

16. There are Chattermillians working in 7 different timezones! 🕜

17. We’re a team that cares about learning, growth, development and wellbeing 🤝

18. Which we encourage through our provide a £500 yearly learning and development budget 📖

19. Plus, a £50 monthly wellbeing budget through Ben! ☺️

20. We have a library in the office, which is always open for new recommendations 📚

21. We prioritise a good work-life balance above all else. We are flexible around school runs, doctors appointments and anything unexpected that life throws at you 💫

22. We practice an open door policy through all levels of the company - everyone is happy to jump on a call to answer any questions you might have 🚪


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23. You get to make an impact from day one, and you’ll always be involved in different projects ⚡

24. We keep fridays free of internal meetings, to help ourselves achieve deep work 💪

25. We commit to transparency from the top - we’re open about the health and state of the business with all of our employees ❤️‍🩹

26. All of this adds up to us being voted the 8th best startup to work at by Tempo in 2022! 🥂

27. We encourage progression like no other, including between departments! Check out our profile on Billie who recently made the switch from CX to Product. 🚀


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                     28. We also give you 25 days of annual leave a year, excluding bank holidays 🏖️

29. Plus, take your birthday off too! 🎂

30. What’s more, you’re rewarded for sticking around. Get an extra day of annual leave for every year you’re at the company, plus a £25 increase on your wellness budget 🙌

31. Truly flexible working - you decide where working works best for you, whether that’s at home, in the office, or a mixture of both 🏠

32. We schedule random calls every week between employees, so we can get to know each another even if we’re thousands of miles apart 🤳

33. We recognise each others achievements on our #praise Slack channel… 🙌

34. And stay in touch with our lives outside of work on #photosfromtheweekend 📸

35. We’re also proud to showcase our fantastic employees through our Inside Chattermill series 🥳


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36. We have one of the coolest offices in London - Second Home, a sustainable office with free yoga, boxing and meditation classes 🏡

37. It’s located just around the corner from Brick Lane in Spitalfields, home to a vibrant food market 🧱

38. We host lots of socials - remote, in-person, within teams and whole company 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

39. We have yearly off-sites where we meet together as a team - check out the cover photo for a peek of how this year’s event went down! 🎉

40. Finally, we’re very welcoming to pets in the office! See below for when Teddy visited us 🐕

Want to join the team at Chattermill? We have open roles across 6 teams - click here to find out more.


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