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Goodiebox + Chattermill

“Processing Dixa Team Happiness data through Chattermill has been a game-changer. It’s allowed us to become less reactive and more member-centric than ever before.”

  • Lisa-Maria Bruns, Head of BI

Goodiebox achieved

300 hours of manual tagging saved per month

300 hours of manual tagging saved per month

200,000+ members across 9 countries

200,000+ members across 9 countries

Over 20,000 member support conversations per month

Over 20,000 member support conversations per month


Goodiebox is an e-commerce superstar that curates and sends a surprise beauty box (5-7 products) every month to its members.

Goodiebox uses the Dixa customer service platform to deliver exceptional customer experience to their members, but needed to cope with irregular spikes in conversation volumes.

The Chattermill + Dixa integration now allows Goodiebox to quickly uncover the root cause behind their spikes in volume, by automatically analysing the topics of incoming conversations and being able to help members by delivering these insights to the corresponding teams instantaneously.


Leveraging member conversations to unpack happiness for over 200,000 members with the Chattermill and Dixa Integration

Navigating excess data

With an unprecedented surge in demand over 2020, Goodiebox began to encounter some of the challenges of scaling data analytics (new member growth meant they needed to triple the size of their team).

Every month, Goodiebox receives a high volume of conversations, in multiple different languages. On top of this, due to the nature of their business-model, most of this volume is received in a tight 1-2 day window. It meant that manually tagging all of these conversation became too time-intensive and impossible to scale.

Improving the speed of insight

Before Chattermill, Goodiebox Team Happiness agents had to tag conversations manually one by one, on top of making sure they also categorized all other relevant information like member satisfaction, action taken, region, language, and more.

Enter Chattermill: The Chattermill + Dixa integration allowed Goodiebox to effortlessly automate support case and feedback topic labelling using high-quality custom AI models. This meant Goodiebox's Team Happiness were able to save over 250 hours in manual tagging per month.

Championing the customer-centric approach

By leveraging Chattermill’s Conversation Analytics and instant anomaly detection alerts, Goodiebox was able to quickly uncover key signals from their conversations with their members to prioritise the issues that truly matter.

With the Chattermill + Dixa integration, Goodiebox now has an agile and unified view of what’s most important to their members, allowing all of their teams to easily interpret difficult to understand data and build a better member and product experience.

Get AI-powered insights from every member conversation

Lisa-Maria Bruns

Director of Business Intelligence

"Before Chattermill, we could be too “fire fighty” with problems. People would jump on issues that were not that big when put into perspective. Now, we’re less reactive and know exactly what problems demand the right attention and who is best equipped to solve them quickly."


Goodiebox is a consumer pioneer with over 200,000 members as customers worldwide. The company is headquarted in Copenhagen, Denmark, and operates in 9 countries, with 8 different languages.>




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