Chattermill for Fashion & Apparel

Unified customer feedback analytics to close the experience gap in Fashion & Apparel

From online to in-store, make meaning in the midst of the noise by tracking customer satisfaction and behaviour accross multiple channels and uncovering opportunities to increase conversions, loyalty and spend. View, monitor and analyse your feedback and conversations in one place to gain valuable insight into your customers' preferences and improve the customer experience across every stage of the shopping journey.

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From the first to the last customer touchpoint - pipe in every piece of feedback data across multiple languages, channels and tools.


Segment your customer base by their age, spend or shoe size to uncover granular insights and identify the drivers of loyalty for different groups.


Proactively stay on top in every piece of customer feedback to resolve issues quickly and turn your visitors into happy, paying customers.


Deliver an exceptional shopping experience by measuring feedback at each and every touchpoint and break down internal data silos to create a truly customer centric culture.


In fashion customer experience, one size does not fit all. Gain a unique understanding of each and every customer segment to give your brand a clear path to improve the customer journey and deliver on expectations.


Speed up the time from browsing to acquisition by easily uncovering the topics and sentiment driving behaviour for new and returning customers, and find meaninful ways to turn detractors into promoters.

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Case Study

Find out how leaders in Fashion & Apparel have been performing when it comes to CX

With high-street stoors closing their doors and online fashion brands seeing unprecedented spikes in demand during COVID-19, we took a look at what's driving positive and negative sentiment for various brands.

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