Customer Experience Project Checklist

Understanding the unique needs of your customers is important. Plan your next customer experience project with our checklist.

What is a Customer Experience?

Our favourite definition of customer experience (CX) explains that it is a mix of the Emotional and Utility value a company brings to its customers. CX is the set of processes that a company employs to track, supervise and organize any interaction between a customer and the organization during the life cycle of a project.

CX is currently regarded by businesses as important, however it is not accurately and consistently measured or improved on. CX is one of the key drivers that propelled current industry leaders (AirBnb, Zoom, Slack) into phenomenal growth and has been credited by these companies numerous times.

How to use a CX Project Checklist

CX is a mix of the numerous interactions a customer has with your company, both offline and online. This applies before, during and after the purchase of product or service. Undertaking a new customer experience project can be a large initiative that spans across numerous stakeholders. To align all stakeholders you need to be prepared and informed of the unique needs of your target customer. Use our checklist to collate all your CX intentions in one place.

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