Navigating Customer Retention During the Cost of Living Crisis

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These are challenging times for most companies.

With a cost-of-living crisis in full flow, inflation rising rapidly, and a recession looming, customers have less money in their pockets, are buying fewer products, and are becoming less brand loyal as they shop for lower prices. The result for businesses? Declining customer retention.

So what should customer leaders do? We analysed the market to understand the lay of the land, and to uncover how CX leaders should react to the increasingly acute cost-of-living crisis.

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  • Why Understanding Customers is Key to Navigating the Cost of Living Crisis
  • Why Customer Retention Matters More than Ever
  • How to Deliver the Retention-Driving Experiences Your Customers Actually Want
  • Why Unified Customer Intelligence is Essential
  • Why You Should See The Cost of Living Crisis as a CX Opportunity